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2002's Medal of Honor and 2017's Call of Duty: WW2 have very similar intros (a nice touch, given CoD's lineage). So similar that they're a handy example of just how far video game visuals have come in the last 15 years.


I've spent months kicking this "Best" around. Considering all types of space lasers and sniper weapons and over-powered pistols. But no matter how many other weapons I consider, I always keep coming back to an antique Second World War battle rifle.


Flashback to over a decade ago: you couldn't move in a newsagent without seeing a video game magazine that had 'Halo/Mario/GTA killer' as a massive coverline spread across an image of some new video game. The idea of one game 'killing' another was embedded deep in the lexicon of gamers and the gaming press back in the day. To the extent that, in development, the very first Call of Duty was actively being referred to as 'Medal of Honor Killer' early in development, reports MCV.


EA's first-person shooter series Medal of Honor has been around so long that it's easy for a gamer to think of the words "Medal of Honor" as just a video game brand, no more tied to a real thing in the non-gaming word as a phrase like "brothers in arms", "company of heroes" or "call of duty".