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Our train slowly chugged to a halt. Something was apparently blocking the road up ahead, possibly put there by a rival band of survivors. The captain sent my character out to investigate. Moments later, I was killed by a giant floating orb of static. Post-nuclear Russia is not a place to explore blindly.


"What we see now is we can launch games whenever we are ready and whenever we want, just because there's a good appetite for new products on the market thanks to the fact that there are less big games coming to the industry. That gives us the possibility to choose when to launch, because it's really the quality that will make the difference." — Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot explains why AAA game delays are more common these days.


The latest in the Metro series, called Metro: Exodus, is on its way to Xbox One, with Xbox One X enhancements, Microsoft said today at its E3 conference. The game, which will at the very least let you kill a giant mutant with a crossbow, will be released in 2018.

Microsoft did not exactly announce a PS4 version, but neither did it say that Exodus was exclusive, so draw your own conclusions there.