metroid dread

  • Community Review: Metroid Dread

    Community Review: Metroid Dread

    October has been such a massive month for games that it’s so easy to miss things. Or, if you’re like me, aimlessly flit from one game to another trying to find something to distract you from the dying days of yet another lockdown. So it seems like a good time for a community review. This…

  • Metroid Dread Doesn’t Try To Reinvent The Wheel

    Metroid Dread Doesn’t Try To Reinvent The Wheel

    There are some games that require lavish presentations, elaborate scripts totalling hundreds of thousands of words or enormous multiplayer worlds, filled with references, throwbacks to franchises. These extravagances are often considered necessary, the price studios must pay to stand out in an ever-crowded gaming calendar.  Metroid Dread requires none of this noise.