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The NBA is doing its best to put the “sports” into esports. For the past two months, the NBA has run the first video game league sponsored by a major sport, NBA 2K League, featuring 17 teams connected to franchises within the association.

But sports simulation games, despite seeming like an obvious choice to go esports, face an even more stark comparison with their “real life” counterparts. Why bother watching NBA 2K League when you can just watch the NBA? It’s a question that the NBA still appears to be working out.


In the latest episode of Bleacher Report's fantastic Game of Zones series, in which the modern NBA is projected onto a Game of Thones-like setting, a gang of rookies are huddled around a ye olde game of basketeballe. And even in this fictional universe, the microtransactions are ruining it.


In a more open approach than most franchised esports leagues, the draft process for the NBA 2K League was open to any and all challengers who met a small set of requirements. Win 50 games in January's online qualifiers, and you move on to phase two: The combine. That combine then whittled 72,000 applicants down to 250 finalists, and the 250 players who played at the combine will be narrowed down to 102 draftees. Those cutdowns, maybe unsurprisingly, have been rocky and fraught with accusations of rigging and favouritism.


Back in September 2017, one Twitter user informed the world that she was "suckin dick while my man plays 2K." At first glance, it seemed like she was boasting about some video game foreplay, but no. She later clarified, "LMAO y'all thought i meant my mans dick????? fohhh." Months later, I can't stop thinking about this silly Tweet, and what it says about the combination of video games and sex.


Despite being this year's instalment of what the Steam store description calls "the highest rated annual sports title," NBA 2K18 has a "Mostly Negative" rating with over 3,000 reviews and counting. I investigated.


Ronnie Singh, AKA Ronnie2K, is the social media face of 2K's NBA series. Because he deals with players a lot, he's become friends with many of them, to the point where he was at a wedding recently and found himself up in front of the whole gathering explaining how the game's player ratings work.