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Dynasty Warriors 1 didn't involve large-scale battles or endlessly chained combos. In fact, it wasn't anything like the modern series. Years before Dynasty Warriors would become known as the quintessential hack and slash games, players first experience with the name was in the form of a 2.5D fighting game.


If you've played an hour in one Dynasty Warriors game you've played an hour in all of them. That's been the conventional wisdom for a while now and although Dynasty Warriors 9 doesn't disprove it, it does point toward some interesting new possibilities for the series in its new open world setting.


Playing Fire Emblem Warriors feels a bit like herding a pack of ravenous lions. Countless enemies clash against heroes in glorious combat that mixes strategy and absurdity. It's occasionally overwhelming but if you can tame the mayhem, the result is beautiful.


The first Dragon Quest Heroes was a a satisfying combination of Dragon Quest characters and creatures with Dynasty Warriors-style battles and structure. With an overworld to traverse filled with random encounters and hidden treasures, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 feels a lot more like... well, Dragon Quest.