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Last week Nintendo released more details about the Pokemon GO Plus, the companion wearable that was released today in Australia. It included a disclaimer that the wearable wouldn't track steps if the app was open in the background, even though this was the one feature most people had expected it to have.


I’ve been terribly wrong. I thought that the Pokemon Go Plus accessory, releasing on September 16, would change the way people were playing Pokemon Go. I thought it may even revive some people’s interest where it has wavered. Now, the week before its release, I’ve realised it’s... not great.


Pokemon GO is dead. Or dying. Apparently. That's the latest story, after the game's rapid popularity spike began levelling off. The reality: Pokemon GO is still one of the top apps, and the top game (in terms of both revenue and active users). It's most likely going to stay that way for a while.