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If you want the best 3D graphics has to offer, then raytracing is where it's at. By simulating the path each photon takes from a light source to a surface, you can theoretically render lifelike, if motionless, scenes. Offline, you have all the time in the world, but in real-time... you have about 16 milliseconds. We're not at the point where real-time raytracing is practical for games, but we're inching closer, as this experiment with Quake 2 shows.


The absence of a proper single-player campaign, if not a story, in Star Wars: Battlefront was making me nostalgic. After all, the Star Wars shooter games had great single-player levels -- and arguably decent stories, too.

But this week, I wanted to go back a little further. So I decided to return to something that was even more classic than the Star Wars games -- and had a single-player campaign that was just as much fun to run through.


No matter how big arena shooters become over the next few years, one of the trends I think we can safely say has fallen by the wayside is the presence of duel-focused shooters. They'll never go away, much in the same way that the QuakeWorld community has continued to exist until this day, but their time as the pinnacle of competitive gaming has sadly ended.

But that doesn't stop fans from continuing to work on the things they love. One of those labour of loves was Warsow, a free-to-play cyberpunk-styled arena shooter that was built on the Qfusion fork of the Quake 2 engine. The last major release was early last year, and Warsow's just gotten a 2.0 release in the last 48 hours.

The news: it finally has a tutorial.