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Thor: Ragnarok is finally in theatres, threatening a chunk of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with apocalyptic doom. In the comics, however, an apocalypse is not nearly as rare an occurrence as you might think, because the Marvel multiverse has faced utter calamity several times in the past.


The New York City of the Marvel universe is teeming with heroes, being home to everyone from Steve Rogers to Peter Parker. With four of those famous New Yorkers teaming up on the small screen in The Defenders, we decided to rank the finest inhabitants of the comic book Big Apple.


Last week, we brought you the definitive ranking of the most superior Spider-Men in Marvel's comic books -- but let's be honest: Who runs the Spider-world? Spider-Girls. In the years since Peter Parker first donned the Spider-mantle, leagues of legendary women have taken on Spider-heroics of their own, and now its their turn to be ranked.


The most powerful man in the universe was also part of the greatest toyline in the universe. MotU's giant, wildly varied assortment of heroes and villains set it apart from its '80s counterparts -- admittedly, some more so than others. So here are all 60 original action figures, scientifically ranked by awesomeness.