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Roadhog was a lot of things to a lot of people. A friend, a brother, perhaps even a lover. Also, a one-man apocalypse. He really doesn't want you to forget that. We can all agree, though, that he was taken before his time.


The hook is a simple but effective tool in games: A chain, thrown accurately, pulling enemies back to their likely doom. But in the realm of competitive games, hooks seem almost ubiquitous. The reason why a hook is a near-necessity for any competitive game is simple: They're the biggest moments in games, boiled down to a single throw.


We are now in the age of Hook 2.0, my friends. It's been a long, sometimes unjust journey, often through walls or thick pillars. But yesterday, Blizzard fixed Overwatch's Roadhog. And now, I feel good knowing that I deserved to hook you chumps, and didn't just get lucky with a glitch.


Overwatch's Roadhog, the wheezing, porcine tank from Hell, is my favourite video game character of 2016. The rush of visceral win I feel when I hook an enemy and blast scrap metal in their face is unparalleled. I love it all: The way his Scrap Gun bounces up and down when he lumbers to the objective; his full-throated, hacking cough; his maniacal laughter throughout his Whole Hog ultimate move; even his tacky stomach tattoo of a pig on fire.