Overwatch Fans Are Losing It Over A Character Who Has Barely Appeared

Overwatch Fans Are Losing It Over A Character Who Has Barely Appeared
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Source: Unit Lost

The Overwatch fandom’s favourite new character has only appeared within an in game poster, but that hasn’t stopped players from drawing fanart of her, cosplaying her, or declaring her as their wife.

A week ago, Bizzard previewed a new map for Overwatch, Junkertown, and dropped a new short featuring Junkrat and Roadhog. In the short, the two characters have been exiled from Junktown by the Junker Queen, and they try, and fail, to get back in. Who is this Junker Queen, you ask? Well, you can hear her voice in this video showing off the new Junktown map:

The Junker Queen has only appeared in posters seen in the Junktown map, and players don’t know much else about her. But the fan reaction has been so strong that someone’s even cosplayed her already:

And if you search her on Tumblr, one of the related tags that pops up is, “I love her.”

Other common reactions to the Junker Queen are drawing her and saying you want to marry her. A lot of players are really hoping that she’ll be a new hero.

As much as I’d love for my new large wife to be playable in Overwatch, I’m so glad the fandom exists and is bringing me the Junker Queen content I desperately crave. I mean, what else is fandom for?

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