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  • Turning A Sick Boy Into A Video Game Hero

    Turning A Sick Boy Into A Video Game Hero

    Wade Sharp is a young boy born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a condition that means his bones are as brittle as chalk, and which stops him playing sports and keeps him inside playing video games. Wade’s Make-A-Wish request, then, was to see how games are made, so Robot Entertainment (Orcs Must Die) were only too happy…

  • Interactive Trailer Lets You (Almost) Play Orcs Must Die

    Y’know, for a medium where interactivity is king, 99.9 per cent of game trailers get it wrong, by simply not offering anything to do. Sure, all the chanting, shiny CG and ominous voiceover is OK for setting mood but that stuff tells you nothing about the actual play experience of a game.