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Game of Thrones isn't one to shut away from gutsy stunts, whether it's the epic horse skirmish in "Battle of the Bastards," or that stupid thing where we all watched ice melt to find out when season seven was coming. But all of them pale in comparison to what may be considered GoT's craziest stunt, which probably broke a world record.... for setting people on fire.


I'm not sure what's going on. This is probably the third romance-related stunt to happen in China in recent weeks. What makes this one special though, is that it involves a "Cactuar" in the middle of Beijing.


Last week an incident broke out in the Beijing subway system. A young woman got into an altercation with her apparent boyfriend over a mobile phone game, it seems. The end result: she dragged the man onto a subway train. But was this just a PR stunt?