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As far as monthly subscriptions go, Nintendo's online service - while not as good a deal overall as PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold - was relatively affordable. But it's just gotten even cheaper, after Twitch announced that Twitch Prime subscribers would get a year-long subscription to Nintendo Switch Online as a bonus.


Yesterday Nintendo announced and released Tetris 99, a battle royale-style multiplayer Tetris game for the Switch in which you play against, wait for it, 98 other players in a merciless puzzle-off. It’s out now and free to download. There’s just one problem: the game doesn’t tell you how it works.


As usual with Nintendo’s classic game services, Switch Online’s NES app now has more games in Japan than it does in the rest of the world. While today’s worldwide update included Blaster Master and Zelda II, Japan also got a very cool fighting game called Joy Mech Fight. Fortunately, since Switch is region-free, anyone with an Online account can play it.


Switch Online’s NES classics app now has titles and descriptions for 22 Super Nintendo games buried in its code, according to dataminers who have looked at the program. That’s a welcome glimmer of hope for anyone hoping to play Super Mario World on their Switch, but it doesn’t necessarily mean those games will show up any time soon.


Nintendo has continued to build out the NES library in its Switch Online app with the previously-announced addition of NES Open Tournament Golf, Solomon’s Key, and Super Dodge Ball. But it also had a surprise: “Living the life of luxury!,” a hacked save file for The Legend of Zelda that starts players out with a full inventory and lots of cash..


Nintendo Switch Online went live last week, marking the first time the Japanese gaming giant has asked its customers to pay a subscription fee to play with and against others over the internet. Like similar services from PlayStation and Xbox, there are a number of benefits to signing up, but is it worth the price of admission?


As Nintendo starts to take a more strict approach to ROMs, players’ access to older games is changing. Sure, you could try to find a working retro console and pony up for expensive cartridges, but there has to be a better way.