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In 2018, much like every year, there were numerous amazing games released that many gamers just never got to try out – or even hear about. Sometimes it’s due to low marketing budgets, sometimes poor advertising, or sometimes the game just needs to be tried to understand why it’s fun. Often it's just plain bad luck.


Despite still being in Early Access, They Are Billions is already really good. But the version of the game I fell in love with months ago just keeps getting better thanks to a number of smart updates, including the latest, which adds a number of super-powerful new buildings that can be used to help fend off the zombie apocalypse.


On its face, Steam sensation They Are Billions appears to be about three of gaming's most-hallowed S's: survival, steampunk, and (s)zombies. That, however, is all just window dressing. Truth is, They Are Billions is a game about failure, which is where all the best stories come from. Steam users have been sharing some doozies.


Nobody likes to lose. We hardly ever set out to intentionally fail. But just because it wasn't the goal doesn't mean losing is always bad. Often seeing the dreaded "Game Over" screen a number of times makes finally winning all that much better. And on rare occasions losing is what makes a game so much fun to play.


They Are Billions pits a steampunk village against a giant zombie horde. While it might look like a reskinned Age of Empires, that surface hides a strategy game that strikes all the right balances. Every time a wave of undead obliterated my encampment, the only thing I wanted to do was restart and try again.