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Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale and the recently released DELTATUNE, which is an anagram of Undertale, has sent out a bit of a troubling PSA. In a quirk not too dissimilar from Bethesda's "please don't touch the button" bug that saw Fallout 76 delete itself off users PC's, Fox has warned people off the uninstaller that comes with DELTARUNE for now.


Is Deltarune a prequel to Undertale? A sequel? A prototype demo to garner feedback for the sequel? We won’t know until we play through the whole thing, but the new game from Undertale designer Toby Fox promises to be just as bizarre and trippy as the last one. (Plus, it’s an anagram.)


For the past week, infamously reclusive Undertale creator Toby Fox has been celebrating the RPG mega-hit's first anniversary with tidbits and snippets (but sadly no butterscotch cinnamon pie). The best part? Music that never made it into the final game.