Deltarune Chapter 2 Is Coming Out This Week

Deltarune Chapter 2 Is Coming Out This Week

With fans having waited forever for news like this, Undertale’s Toby Fox just announced that Deltarune Chapter 2 will be out…this week

At the conclusion of a stream marking the 6th anniversary of Undertale’s release, a trailer for Deltarune’s second chapter dropped, revealing not just some gameplay but a release date of September 17 (at 8pm, EST, to be exact). Here’s the short clip:

The first chapter of Deltarune was also a surprise when it was released back in 2018, coming out of nowhere to give Undertale fans a new series that appeared to be based on that game’s universe, only things were also different.

Note that while the original also came out on Switch and PS4, this release date is only for PC and Mac.


Undertale Creator Says Next Chapter Of Deltarune Is Almost Done

Nyeh heh heh! Today marks the fifth anniversary of the release of Undertale, and creator Toby Fox is celebrating the milestone with new information on the progress of its sequel, Deltarune.

If You’ve Played Undertale, You Must Play Deltarune

Last week, Undertale designer Toby Fox released a free new game called Deltarune, and you may be wondering if it’s worth your time. Well, yes. Yes it is. If you enjoyed Undertale even a tiny bit, you should really go play Deltarune ASAP.

Undertale Fans Already Have Theories About What’s Going On In Deltarune

Yesterday, Undertale creator Toby Fox surprise-released a new game called Deltarune. The free RPG is the first chapter of a new story seemingly set in Undertale’s universe, but this time (or place???) around, nothing’s quite the same. Already, fans have theories about why that is and how it fits into unsolved Undertale mysteries like the true identity of everybody’s favourite space-time-defying spooky skeleton man W.D. Gaster

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