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Rogue Legacy is a great game, but, five years after release, a few things were missing from it on PC. Cloud saves, for one, as well as key rebinding for mouse. Yes, there was actually a person who wanted to play Rogue Legacy, a side-scrolling platformer, with mouse controls, and the developers have finally made that happen.


It is a rule of the internet that, when a fandom is taken too seriously, it will develop its own special brand of self-mockery. But how does that happen exactly? In the case of dark fantasy manga Berserk's 26-year-old fandom, it happened when the stale franchise's subreddit fell into the hands of an over-pious fan. When that self-mockery took form, it congealed into /r/Berserk's shitposting offspring, /r/Berserklejerk.