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As a competitive card game, Gwent has a community of players that's both completely devoted and perpetually grumpy. The latest target of that energy happens to be a card called Imlerith: Sabbath, a gold monster whose power was best demonstrated when it almost single-handedly won a recent match.


The studio behind The Witcher series announced its spin-off card game Gwent back at E3 2016.

Over a year later the game still isn't officially out yet, though CD Projekt Red clams it will launch before the end of 2017. During that time it's grown into something special, so I'm here to say, if you still had any reservations about giving the game a shot, it's time to set them aside.


The open beta for Gwent, CD Projekt Red's standalone version of The Witcher 3's card game, starts today for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In my time with the closed beta I found the game to move a little too fast sometimes, but overall it's a richer, deeper take on the minigame my Geralt lost all his money on.


Bathing is a well-used trope in film and TV. The "shower of angst," for example, is usually a stand-in for an emotional moment happening to our hero. It might make us empathise more with the person lowering their head under a flow of water. A few video game bathing scenes over the years have let players see new sides of male protagonists, which is helpful given that men don't tend to emote all that well in games or in popular media in general.