This Witcher 3 Hair Mod Gives Geralt Back His Luscious 60fps Locks

This Witcher 3 Hair Mod Gives Geralt Back His Luscious 60fps Locks
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Forget BioShock‘s framerate-capped physics — what about the lack of high-speed bounce in Geralt’s flowing white mane? Thanks to the work of modder “BlurredNotions”, this critical oversight has now been addressed.

It you’ve ever wondered why Geralt’s hair doesn’t look quite right once the framerate rises above 30fps, it’s because it wasn’t really designed to. The mod, which rectifies this “flaw in the game”, goes about solving things by “[decreasing] the nodeMasses variable’s values in the hair material files”.

BlurredNotions only realised there was a problem when they “accidentally capped” their framerate:

I noticed that Geralt’s hair moved and bounced much more believably. I had seen Geralt’s hair move because of and along with his bodily motion and inertia in the infamous E3 2014 demo, but thought the hair physics had since been toned down for the final release of the game.

Turns out: I was wrong, and everybody playing The Witcher 3 at 30fps had been enjoying proper hair physics all this time, while us 60fps guys were left out in the cold.

Now, with this mod, those playing The Witcher 3 at decent framerates can enjoy Geralt’s hair as it was always meant to be.

Hair Physics Mod 60FPS [Nexus, via DSO Gaming]


    • I remember when that story came out, didn’t it end up being that they’d left the Hairworks settings on defaults (demo settings, ie. too high) rather than bringing them down to release specs? Or was that Tomb Raider. I know one (or both) of them made that mistake.

  • Should really provide a video comparison and look at this mod. I’ll get around to installing it and trying it out next time I load Witcher3, still got a fair bit of that bloodwine expansion to do.

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