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Legion is a rich and rewarding expansion pack for followers of Warcraft lore, but with a plot revolving around a demonic force attempting to wipe out all life on the planet, not every storyline is going to have a happy ending. This is the unhappiest of them all.


Raccoon the grizzled Outlaw Rogue stands in demon-besieged Dalaran, moments before Azeroth's greatest mages pull off their most amazing feat yet: making me even more alt-crazy than I already was. Judging from the first few hours, Legion is going to be a very good problem for me.


There's not a great deal in terms of big name titles this week, but then it is the final week of August.

But the amount of time you could spend with those big games? Well, that's another story entirely. Especially if that game happens to be the new World of Warcraft expansion. And there's a ton of weird indies, too.


The middle of the year is usually a good time to get into MMOs. But if you're not sure what to play, or you've been thinking about returning to the land of Azeroth for a bit, then there's World of Warcraft: Legion.

The full game isn't out until the end of August. But if you'd like to give the beta a go, we've got 500 keys to give away.


We already knew UFC fighter Ronda Rousey plays World of Warcraft sometimes (as a Night Elf Hunter), and the fact that the folks at Blizzard love Easter eggs, so seeing a small in-game tribute to her is really no surprise.


Video: The fan favourite neutral flying city Dalaran, first introduced in Wrath, is returning in Legion as the expansion's number one hangout place. And four expansion later, it's a completely renewed hub. The folks over at Trade chat made a neat side-by-side comparison video using footage from the Legion's alpha build.