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Whatever 2K Sports is paying their marketing department employees, it's not enough. The WWE 2K games get mixed to positive reviews, but the promotion of those games is consistent, first-rate, and exemplary. Whoever makes the games' commercials has a masterful grasp on why fans love the WWE.


Well here we are. Another year, another WWE game. Another awkward cooling off period as the runaway hype train of YouTube videos, updates, Q&A sessions, tweets, blogs, interviews, panels with Steve Austin wearing spectacles and random mid carders telling us "THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER, THERE ARE SO MANY MODES AND UH… FEATURES" finally comes to an end, as WWE 2K15 has at last hit shelves.


Is wrestling cool again? I'm going to say not yet, but it's kinda close. I've always believed that wrestling games are subject to a weird dynamic. We only think wrestling games are 'good' when wrestling itself is seen as being 'cool'. Therefore, as good as WWE 2k15 looks -- and it looks really good -- we might not be ready to love it quite yet.


The announcement of who would be on the cover of the latest WWE game WWE 2K15 was drawn out, dramatised and even given some major screen time on the WWE's televised programming -- to the point where I was sort of convinced that perhaps the WWE were going to go with some sort of innovative cover for their latest game -- maybe promote a new wrestler, maybe put an old superstar on the cover.

Nah, it's just John Cena.