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Last September, Microsoft made history with the first mass-market video game controller designed with disabled gamers first and foremost in mind. The Xbox Adaptive Controller, which won this year's Golden Joystick award for best innovation, was developed in conjunction with the charity Special Effect (which has spent years designing bespoke controller solutions for gamers with unique needs), and the design's guiding principle was accessibility and flexibility. A device that could work for and adapt to as many gamers as possible.

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The standard Xbox controller makes a lot of assumptions. It assumes you have two hands to hold it. It assumes you have two thumbs. It assumes you have a fluid range of motion to get to all of the buttons, that you have the reach to get to bumpers and triggers, and that you have the endurance to hold it.

And if you can't do any of that, there's a barrier that means you may not be able to play the games you'd love to play. That's why Xbox created the Xbox Adaptive Controller.