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Toshiba Runs A Game Demo At 4K Resolution

The hype over at Gizmodo right now is all about 4K televisions and the incredible clarity the extra 4096×3072 resolution brings to your viewing experience. I haven’t seen a 4K TV in action yet, so I’m finding it a little difficult to visualise, but I also have another concern — most consoles games at the moment don’t run AAA titles at 1080p, what kind of horsepower will be required to make games run at 4K? This video shows a demo running from a souped up PC, running at the full res…

Of course it’s pretty much impossible to see the real impact of this on your relatively low-res monitor, on YouTube, but the possibilities of a resolution massively beyond that of 1080p is simultaneously intriguing and terrifying. Will games always be playing catch-up? That would be my main issue. I simply don’t believe that even the next generation of consoles will be able to run games at that resolution. And there’s also the issue of the cost — Sony’s 4K TV will set you back $25,000. Most likely it’ll be a while before this tech is truly mainstream. It will also take time for mainstream gaming to catch up.

But for now, I suppose, we can just imagine.

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