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Everything You Need To Know About Tweaking GTA V For Your PC

Rockstar’s done a bang-up job tuning GTA V for PC, but if you’re running modest hardware, what graphics settings will net your the biggest framerate gains with the smallest drop in quality? Tweak guides for high-end titles are almost mandatory these days and the internet has provided for the latest game from the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

The Best Fan-Made GTA V Movies (So Far)

PC players have been making good use of GTA V’s Rockstar Editor this week, a feature that lets people make their own movies inside of the game.

The GTA Ghost That Became An Obsession

I don’t remember how I came across the clip. Maybe someone sent it to me. Maybe I had opened it earlier in the day, while looking for something else. It was just… there, in the middle of a sea of other browser tabs. “GHOST CAUGHT IN GTA,” the title promised. Of course I watched it.

GTA V Streamers Get Their Games Stolen By Viewers

Those of you thinking of streaming GTA V on PC might want to finish the entire installation process before going live — or you might find yourself at the mercy of your viewers.

Here Is The Hardware Rockstar Recommends For GTA V At 4K

There’s no doubt that GTA V is going to look superb when it lands on PC in a few days. How superb, though, is completely dependent on the gruntiness of your machine. Rockstar’s no slouch when it comes to providing players with options to tweak, but if you want all those sliders on “ultra”, here are the specs the developer has in mind.

GTA Players Search For Secret Jetpack, Find Touching Memorial Instead

For two years now, some GTA players have been scouring every inch of Los Santos in the hopes of finding a fabled jetpack or an alien mystery. So far, they haven’t found their treasure — but they have found some other poignant things along the way.

The GTA Players Who Push Cars To Their Limit

Last weekend, over a dozen players met up in GTA Online. They were all in decked out in trucks, jeeps, and other rugged four-wheel vehicles. They had one goal in mind: to cross the entirety of the Los Santos wilderness — rivers, mountains, forests and all.

Watch Grand Theft Auto V On PC At 60 FPS

Rockstar today released a new trailer for the upcoming PC version of GTA V, which comes out in two weeks. In the video, you can see what their gargantuan open-world game looks like while running at a buttery 60 frames per second.

Damn, That GTA Mugger Is Bulletproof

On today’s Highlight Reel we have the lifesaving notes in Bloodborne, bulletproof GTA NPCs, skydiving, stunts and more!