grand theft auto

Frozen's 'Let It Go' Done Grand Theft Auto Style

Things would have happened a little differently had Frozen taken place in Liberty City. Things might’ve been a bit more… violent.

Professor Layton Would Be The Perfect Mastermind In Grand Theft Auto

Professor Layton is getting a proper crossover game this year, but the talented animators at Polaris have let their imagination run wild and put the archeologist gentleman and some puzzles into Grand Theft Auto V. If you think about it, the professor’s calm, passive-aggressive behaviour fits into a world full of mad criminals after all.

Here's Franklin Jumping Over 28 Exploding Buses In GTA V

It may not be the single craziest Grand Theft Auto V stunt I’ve ever seen. But this video of an enterprising GTA V player who jumped over 28 exploding buses still earned a special place in my heart for the clever reference to Evel Knievel.

Iconic Album Covers, Recreated In... GTA V

It’s a really great way to prove how big and popular GTA V is, when someone uses it to recreate some classic album covers. Here’s PizzaBagels’ gallery, with Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon on top and Blondie, The Beatles and The Ramones below.

Crazy Stunts Like These Are The Best Reason To Keep Playing GTA V

Every time I think I’m ready to relegate Grand Theft Auto V to the video game archive closet, another insane video stunt montage is released, and I’m drawn right back in.

GTA Online Was Made For Heists Like This

The best players on GTA Online realise that if they’re going to commit a robbery, they should either go big or go home. A proper heist takes planning and a good, committed crew.

GTA V PC "Beta" Is A Hilarious Scam

There’s a scam going around trying to trick people into thinking they have been accepted into a beta test for a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Surprise! There is no beta.

Life In Grand Theft Auto Sure Is Hell For NPCs

You live in a big, crazy metropolis. You’re going down the street for groceries or to meet some friends for a drink. Then a dude runs down the street, yanks an old lady out of her car and starts shooting stuff up. This keeps happening. All the time. What the hell?! One character in a new web series starts to put the pieces together: he’s in a video game.

GTA IV Modder Creates Gaming's Most Gorgeous Clouds

This is, of course, the work of the very talented person behind the iCEnhancer graphics mod for GTA IV, who posted new footage of some really darn purty HD clouds on his YouTube channel after several months of inactivity.

Take The Bloody Shot With Skyfall Recreated In Grand Theft Auto

Over on the subreddit GTA Adventures there’s a weekly challenge to film a recognisable scene from a movie. Up this week: the opening sequence from Skyfall.