grand theft auto

Huge Terminator 2 Game Does Not Exist, Which Is A Damn Shame

Yes there are actual Terminator 2 games, most of them (arcade gun game excepted) garbage. This, sadly, is not one of them. Instead, it makes use of mods to turn Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas into…machinima? Art? Either way, it’s one long love letter to James Cameron’s 1991 classic.

The Sopranos' Opening, Remade In Grand Theft Auto V

Tony Soprano and his family might not live on the West Coast, but 8-bit Bastard’s remake of the classic opening of the show in Grand Theft Auto V makes me want to load up the original again.

A Chat With GTA Online's Notorious Motorcycle Club

Earlier this week, we wrote about the Reaper Lords — a fascinating crew with hundreds of members that roam the streets of GTA Online. We told you all about their love of motorcycles, their intense rules, their dress code and their curious social media presence. Today, you get to hear from an actual Reaper Lord.

Hey, It's Spider-Man Swinging Through Grand Theft Auto IV

Until Grand Theft Auto V comes out for PC (soon!) and starts getting modded, we’re going to have to be satisfied with GTA IV mods. That means no West Coast Avengers dashing through San Andreas just yet. Nope. For now, we’ve got Spider-Man swinging through Rockstar’s New York.

Inside The World Of GTA Online's Intense Biker Gangs

Of course people playing GTA Online have formed digital gangs — the “crews” feature, which allows everyone to assign special roles and ranks within a group, is practically built for this. But damn, some people take crews in GTA Online really seriously.

GTA Online Glitch Lets You Walk On Water

Bugs in the online component of Grand Theft Auto V have let players walk underwater before. Now, a new glitch lets them amble over Los Santos’ bodies of water.

In GTA Online, Today Is Basically 'America, F**k Yeah' Day

In many places in the United States today, the Independence Day holiday will be marked by solemn speeches and somber remembrances about what it means to be American. Not in Los Santos. Folks in GTA Online have already started driving monster trucks, shooting guns and firing off their fireworks. Looks like fun!

GTA Online Music Video Is About Getting Rich. Of Course.

What else is there to do in Los Santos, really? A hit Pet Shop Boys song gets the GTA Online treatment in this machinima music video from YouTubers Vader2K and TK7554.

Lindsay Lohan Is Suing The Makers Of Grand Theft Auto

The actress best known for her controversy-filled personal and professional lives has claimed before that Rockstar Games based a character in Grand Theft Auto V on her, without permission. And now she’s suing the company.

Please Don't Ever Fix The Physics In Grand Theft Auto V

Nine months after release and Grand Theft Auto V is still pregnant with ridiculously impressive stunt potential. In the latest from Nomad Union, absolute insanity happens.