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Seven Steam Games Whose Review Scores Have Changed A Lot

Valve recently overhauled Steam’s review system, putting a larger focus on recent perspectives. The move made sense. Games are no longer static works. They constantly evolve thanks to updates and programs like Early Access. The system is, by and large, very useful, providing percentages that give narrow and wide snapshots of games. But numbers only tell part of the story.

Tank Murder Is A Very Funny GTA V Video

Tanks aren’t just in GTA V for shooting stuff and evading cops. There’s so much scope to do more with their heavy, swinging bodies. Like slapstick murder.

GTA Producer Leslie Benzies Sues Rockstar For $US150 Million, Rockstar Sues Back

The “sabbatical” that former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies was on has proven to be far more complicated than it first appeared.

GTA V Mod Lets You Play As The Flash

Dayshot: Here’s a GTA V mod, in case you ever wanted to run so fast that you create a tornado and suck up all nearby objects. In GTA V.

Modded Deer Is Running Buck Wild In GTA V

Welcome to San Andreas Streaming Deer Cam, where viewers can watch a very special deer wander the wilds (and streets) of Los Santos. Frolicking along the footpath, stopping traffic, getting shot up by the cops, he does it all.

Grand Theft Auto Doesn't Cause Crime, But Poverty And Alienation Will

Auto related crimes have increased 20 per cent in Melbourne over the last five years with police citing 16,000 cars stolen in 2015. And Victoria’s Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton is reportedly attributing a rise in thefts and burglaries to the “Grand Theft Auto generation”.

Victoria's Chief Police Commissioner Blames 'Grand Theft Auto Generation' For Rising Crime

Victorian Chief Police Commissioner Graham Ashton made the comments yesterday, saying that other chief commissioners had also witnessed similar effects in their respective states.

11 Years Later, GTA San Andreas Is Still Being Modded

Looks like the HD version of GTA San Andreas has been blown out of the water. Thanks, mods!

Ten Spectacular Ragdoll Fails In GTA V

Video: Watch as Franklin completely breaks GTA V’s missions with nothing but an intense ragdoll.

GTA In The Style Of Pokemon. Sure, Why Not.

Grand Theft Auto parodies are about as common as Mario parodies but bugger it, we have room for one more, don’t we?

Especially when it’s as well put together as this one.

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