grand theft auto

The Opening Of Fresh Prince In GTA V

Video: All classic TV show intros deserve a GTA V version. And The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is the perfect candidate: We all watched the series back then (it’s still funny!) and it’s set in the same city as Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA Truck Pulls Off Crazy Stunt, Sticks Landing

I’ve seen my share of fancy sports cars making ridiculous flips in GTA V. But I’ve never seen anything like this.

Grand Theft Auto New Zealand Is A Thing That Exists, Bro

Of all the mods I can imagine existing. This is the one I never imagined, but somehow still appreciate.

Ladies and gentlemen Grand Theft Auto New Zealand is a thing.

Vice City Looks Beautiful With GTA V's Engine

Modding and rebuilding all the old maps from the Grand Theft Auto series are getting easier on the PC version of GTA V thanks to a smart method created by modder NTAuthority. The latest proof for that is a superb remake of Vice City‘s memorable map.

Gordon Freeman Comes To GTA V

And he’s brought his gravity gun with him. The gravity gun is neat and all, but it’s the first-person crowbar stuff that feels more Half-Life. Especially when you’re getting some back on those soldiers for abseiling into Black Mesa and shooting the place up.

A Mad Max Car Chase, Recreated In GTA V

The ingenuity of Grand Theft Auto players always delivers.

GTA Player Says He Hired Cheater To Rescue Him From... Another Cheater

Sometimes, you have no choice but to fight fire with fire. That is essentially what a man called Rev Drucifer has been telling me over the last couple of days. Drucifer only plays one game: Grand Theft Auto. Specifically, GTA Online, the multiplayer version of the extremely popular GTA V.

Sorry About This GTA V Mod, PETA

We’ve heard tales of cats rampaging through GTA V’s city of Los Santos. But what about people rampaging by way of cats? Like: using a gun that fires fuzzy little monsters instead of bullets? Once again, your wish is a modder’s command.

GTA V Mod Overhauls Police, Calls In The Army

The wanted levels in GTA V kind of suck. You’ve got a police force that is half-psychic, half robocop. When you hit max stars, there are no tanks anymore. What gives?

GTA V Mod Unlocks 30 Different Special Hidden Areas

There are some areas of GTA V that you were never meant to see or visit. Good thing mods don’t care about rules.