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Two Wild Nights In GTA Online Finally Made Me A Fan

I’m finally into Grand Theft Auto Online. It took me a while. The game launched in late 2013, though I’m not sure I could have been excited for it sooner. What’d it take? Two nights of chaos and a revelation about what Rockstar’s multiplayer game actually is.

Stunning New GTA V Mod Beset With Claim That Some Of Its Code Was Stolen

A few days ago, we covered GTA 5 Redux. It is an intense overhaul mod that rebuilds San Andreas with new textures and effects. It is the work of modder Josh Romito, but now the makers of another mod are claiming that it uses stolen files and code.

The Forgotten Parts Of GTA Online

GTA Online has changed a lot since 2013, thanks to an ever-growing list of new cars, guns and heists. Along the way, some parts of GTA have become forgotten or even removed. Let’s take a look back, shall we?

Everything Is Better In First Person

If there is one simple, undeniable fact about anything, it’s this: every game idea is improved by putting it in first person. Don’t believe me? Cool, that’s the point I’m here to prove, and I will do that simply by listing all the times the first person perspective made other, lesser games better.

Four Minutes Of Amazing GTA Online Car Stunts

Video: GTA Online’s Cunning Stunts update has given players a whole slew of new toys to mess around with, and some daredevils are taking advantage of this by concocting all sorts of entertaining car tricks.

Court Throws Out Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto V Lawsuit

In 2014, actress Lindsay Lohan filed a suit against GTA publisher Take-Two for what she believed was an unauthorised depiction of her image in Grand Theft Auto V. She claimed she was even used in the game’s promotional materials. Today, however, the court tossed her suit.

GTA V Players Have Spent 2016 Trying To Destroy A Possibly Indestructible Dam

GTA players have chased Bigfoot, hunted for jetpacks, stared at a face in a mountainside and, at one point, tried to pinpoint a sewer dwelling human/rat creature. Recently, the obsessions of hardcore GTA V fans have turned slightly more bizarre, with some players latching onto the idea that maybe, just maybe, they can blow up an in-game dam.

Making Friends In GTA V Is Hard

Video: Poor Limmy. All he wanted to do was make a friend. Someone who would look out at the sea together with him.

GTA V Mods Just Keep Looking Better

Video: The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V looked good enough as it was. Mods improved things. Mods continue to improve things.

GTA V Getting LGBT Pride Parade Mod

One of the least politically correct video game franchises is getting its own LGBT Pride parade, the Daily Dot reports. Yesterday, Scandinavian LGBT advocacy group Stockholm Pride released a trailer for their new unofficial “Los Santos Pride” mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

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