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No Wonder GTA V Hasn't Gotten Any Single Player DLC Yet

Rockstar hasn’t made any single player DLC for Grand Theft Auto V, and this long after the game’s release, it will probably never happen. One reason why? The game’s publisher, Take-Two Interactive, keeps bragging about how much money Grand Theft Auto Online is making.

Carl Sagan's Incredible Pale Blue Dot Speech, Recreated In GTA V

Video: And now, a moment for us to be humbled by our place in the universe.

Players Are Recreating The Entirety Of GTA V In Minecraft

Video: Los Santos has never looked so…blocky.

15 Small Things GTA IV Does Better Than GTA V

Grand Theft Auto games are all about attention to detail. A million little things come together to form the massive simulations we’ve come to know and love — and it’s fascinating to look at what, specifically, goes into defining a GTA space.

Somebody Hacked Watch Dogs Into GTA V

As intrepid modders the world over continue in their quest to make dicking around in Grand Theft Auto V more fun and chaotic, we may have reached a new milestone.

The Powerpuff Girls, Remade In GTA V

Video: Professor Utonium’s accident with Chemical X is far worse in GTA V. It’s the exact opposite of “sugar, spice and everything nice”.

Grand Theft Auto Taiwan Needs To Happen

Video: There is no such thing as Grand Theft Auto Taiwan. However, as this live action clip shows, there should be.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Hits iOS, Also Coming To Android

The PSP classic Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is now available on iOS and also coming soon to Android and even Amazon devices, Rockstar announced today.

GTA Online's New Extraction Missions Are Chaotic And Fun

A new expansion hit Grand Theft Auto V today, bringing with it the usual slew of new real estate, weapons and clothes for players to sample. Executives and Other Criminals also features a new mission type called Extractions, which uses some of the best parts of GTA Online to excellent effect.

Someone Finally Put Teletubbies Into Grand Theft Auto V

For some ungodly reason children’s television has a history of bringing mind-bending, seemingly drug-addled concepts to life and unleashing them upon pre-school children like it ain’t no thang.

There’s no better example of that than Teletubbies.

Now some insane wizard has brought Teletubbies to Grand Theft Auto.

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