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GTA V Player Dodges The Law With Sick Sticky Bomb Stunts

This man elevates sticky grenades into a dang art form. GTA cops simply cannot stop salisburymistake, who has created a montage of high-speed-getaways that are the embodiment of “cool guys don’t look at explosions”.

Grand Theft Auto Would Make For A Cute Anime

Doraemon is one of Japan’s most beloved anime. Grand Theft Auto is a hugely popular video game series. Put them together and you get this.

Someone Made A Documentary About GTA V's Wildlife, And It's Great

The creatures of GTA V all lead secret lives that we often never get to see while playing. They hunt. They eat. They try to survive.

The Pokémon Anime's Intro In GTA V

God save all the regions of the Pokémon universe with Trevor in it as a trainer.

GTA Player Bails At The Best Possible Moment

Holy shit. This feels like it could have come straight out of The Matrix or something. drekerrr brings us footage of a GTA eject so epic, it could easily be a stunt in a big-budget action movie.

Straight Outta Compton's Music Video Has Been Remade In GTA 5

Apparently GTA 5 wasn’t gangster enough already.

GTA V's Security Cams Have Probably Seen Some Stuff

Installed across all of Los Santos are a countless number of security cameras that quietly monitor everything that happens. And given that this is Grand Theft Auto, it’s pretty likely that they’re recording all sorts of wild things.

GTA Online Player Says Hi To 100 People, Is Murdered Almost Every Time

What happens when you try being friendly to fellow GTA Online players? Chaos, bloodshed, and rudeness, that’s what.

What Happens When Three Friends Decide To Run An Actual Full-on Marathon Inside Of GTA V?

Video: What happens when three friends decide to run an actual full-on marathon inside of GTA V? This video by Berdu, that’s what.

Scooby-Doo Remade In GTA V

Chop, no! What have they done to you! Some other classic shows and their openings already have GTA V versions, made with the Rockstar Editor and Director Mode, and thanks to YouTuber btz now Scooby-Doo has one too.

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