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GTA Player Says He Hired Cheater To Rescue Him From... Another Cheater

Sometimes, you have no choice but to fight fire with fire. That is essentially what a man called Rev Drucifer has been telling me over the last couple of days. Drucifer only plays one game: Grand Theft Auto. Specifically, GTA Online, the multiplayer version of the extremely popular GTA V.

Sorry About This GTA V Mod, PETA

We’ve heard tales of cats rampaging through GTA V’s city of Los Santos. But what about people rampaging by way of cats? Like: using a gun that fires fuzzy little monsters instead of bullets? Once again, your wish is a modder’s command.

GTA V Mod Overhauls Police, Calls In The Army

The wanted levels in GTA V kind of suck. You’ve got a police force that is half-psychic, half robocop. When you hit max stars, there are no tanks anymore. What gives?

GTA V Mod Unlocks 30 Different Special Hidden Areas

There are some areas of GTA V that you were never meant to see or visit. Good thing mods don’t care about rules.

Awkward GTA Online Glitch Changes Israeli Flag Into Palestinian One

This isn’t some kind of subtle political commentary, is it, Rockstar?

Rockstar Says No One Will Be Banned For Using Singleplayer GTA V Mods

Well, that’s a relief. Mostly. If you were to look at any given GTA forum, you’d think the sky was falling (as opposed to whales falling from the sky, which is actually happening). Rockstar is banning people right and left for using mods, single-player or multiplayer, claim fans. Rockstar, however, says they’re doing nothing of the sort.

The Mystery Of GTA V's Six-Star Wanted Level

If you have a one-star “wanted” level in GTA V, the police will chase you. At two stars, they will shoot to kill.

What's Actually Inside A GTA UFO

Though GTA V has a number of UFOs littered around Los Santos, you can’t really get a close look at most of them. Which means it’s easy to miss the fact that the UFOs sometimes do have things inside of them.

GTA Recreated Perfectly In Real Life

Recreating Grand Theft Auto V would have been too easy. Here, some mad Russians use a drone (!) and some very skilled choreography to recreate the top-down Grand Theft Auto 2 instead. And it’s awesome.

Looks Like Rockstar Will Ban You From GTA V For Using A FOV Mod

Using mods in multiplayer games is a contentious issue, especially if those mods are completely cosmetic. With the exception of a few games, field-of-view adjustments aren’t going to bring the house down. Unless it’s GTA V, in which case Rockstar might just ban you for two weeks, if you happen take your enhanced peripheral vision online.