Troy Baker Swears He’s Not In GTA 6, Exactly What Someone Under An NDA Would Say

Troy Baker Swears He’s Not In GTA 6, Exactly What Someone Under An NDA Would Say

GTA 6 won’t be featuring Troy Baker’s pipes as one of the game’s main characters after rumours ran wild when the first trailer launched late last year. 

Lucia’s male counterpart – widely believed to be called Jason, although this hasn’t been confirmed as of yet – didn’t get much of a word in during the GTA 6 trailer, but many fans pegged Baker as the voice behind him nonetheless. In an interview on The Movie Dweeb’s YouTube Channel, Baker cleared the air: it’s not him.

“He [‘Jason’] says one word,” Baker says. “This is what’s funny and, to be honest, a great lesson for me because that’s a lesson in perception, so people think, and they just automatically assume.”

Baker says he’s keen to see whoever is the voice behind Grand Theft Auto 6’s second protagonist to get credit where it’s due. “I want that guy, whoever it is, to get credit for his work because I’m sure it’s going to be great,” he says. “I know many people who worked for Rockstar—[Red Dead Redemption 2‘s] Roger Clark and [GTA 5‘s] Ned Luke—that’s a grind. Those guys pour themselves into those characters, and they deserve all the credit for their work. Not me.”

Baker is pretty ubiquitous when it comes to voicing iconic video game characters, from Joel in The Last of Us, Sam Drake in Uncharted, and a grocery list of other well-known titles. For some, it’s almost a given that a Triple A title will probably feature his talents so taking a punt on his GTA 6 involvement was a pretty fair bet. Baker says his popularity and success has come with a sometimes negative perception within the industry.

“I count it as a compliment if people think [the GTA 6 performance is] good and they associate me with it, that’s a really good compliment,” Baker says, “but there is something about perception, like Todd Howard going ‘I don’t want Troy Baker in our game because he’s in every game.’”

“Listen man, whoever thought that that would be a problem? Whoever thought that having a lot of work would prevent you getting work?”

Despite Howard’s insistence that Baker wouldn’t feature in his games, he’s managed to land the titular role in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. He’s also returning in Death Stranding 2: On The Beach (confirmed during that fever dream of a trailer shown during The State of Play), so he’s clearly not struggling for roles regardless of how the industry or players perceive his omnipresence within video game voice acting.

Now that Baker has confirmed he isn’t playing ‘Jason’ in Grand Theft Auto 6, fans will be scouring the trailer once more for that one line to try and work out who exactly is voicing the character. We’ll likely hear more soon from Rockstar on that front, hopefully in the form of another trailer to tide players over until the game’s eventual release.

If you want to keep up to date on all Grand Theft Auto 6 news and info, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know.

Image: Rockstar Games

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