The Likelihood A Robot Will Steal Your Job, In One Picture

More and more, jobs everywhere are becoming automated — and it’s only going to get worse as technology becomes more capable and advanced. What are the chances your job could be taken by a robot, machine or AI, though?

The Worst Job Applications In Video Games Revealed

Develop has a really great little feature running on its site at the moment. It’s asked game developers working at studios to reveal the absolute worst things they’ve ever seen in job applications. It’s hilarious, but it’s also a cautionary tale! Thinking about applying for a job in video games? Maybe don’t describe yourself as “amazeballs” in your resume!

Kotaku Is Hiring! PHP Developer Wanted

Take pride in writing clean code? We’re looking for an autonomous PHP developer to join our rapidly growing team at Allure Media.

Fruit Ninja Dev Halfbrick Wants Junior Designers For Its Brisbane Studio

You may have heard of a little studio called Halfbrick. Oh, who am I kidding? Along with Firemint (now Firemonkeys), Halfbrick is probably Australia’s most well-known mobile developer with hits including Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja under its belt. The reason it’s being mentioned today? Halfbrick is on the hunt for junior designers.

The ABC Wants A Game Designer For A 'Major New Initiative' This Year

Mention “Ultimo” and “video games” together and your first thoughts go immediately to Team Bondi, the now-defunct developer behind 2011′s LA Noire. But that’s the past. In the present, we’re associating them with the ABC and the game designer role it’s looking to fill. The ABC? Making games? Interesting indeed.

Kotaku Seeks A PHP War Machine!

Are you passionate about web development? Do you take pride in writing clean code? We’re looking for an autonomous mid-weight PHP developer to take control of Allure Media’s network of technology sites: Kotaku, Lifehacker and Gizmodo.

We're Looking For A Weekend Editor!

So, anyone want to work at Allure Media across Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker? We’re looking for someone to cover the weekend shift on our technology sites – if that sounds like something you think you could do then let us know!

We're Looking For A Technology Manager/Lead Developer

Fancy working at Allure on Kotaku, Gizmodo and a host of other sites? We currently have an opening for a Technology Manager/Lead Developer and, as always, we like to chuck these things out to the community. If you guys think you have what it takes to fill the role, then click on for more details.

The Bleak Despair Of Abject Poverty In Video Game Form

You’ve lost your job, your house, and your savings are completely gone. Can you survive for a month on $US1000? That’s the challenge put forth in the game Spent. Are you up to it?

Sales Managers, Allure Media Wants You!

Want to work for the fastest growing and most exciting digital publisher in Australia? (That’s us!) If you can blend a love of tech with an understanding of how to sell women’s lifestyle too, all wrapped up with experience selling digital media and good contacts in the media sales industry, then we want you. And we’re looking in both Sydney and Melbourne!