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Watch 10,000 League Of Legends Games In 30 Seconds

The New York Times has an excellent article on how League of Legends has become the biggest competitive game in the world, and why thousands of people are watching the World Championship this month. Along with that is a feature showing the positions of 100,000 players over the course of 10,000 games.

New York Times Correction, 25 Years Later: Mario Is Not A Janitor

Nowadays, everyone knows what Mario does for a living, right? Nintendo’s mascot character is about as recognisable as Mickey Mouse or Superman. Mario’s been a global entertainment icon for decades now but, back in 1988, the New York Times thought the guy was a janitor.

Game Of Thrones Takes Over The New York Times With Awesome Print Ad

Proving that there’s still life – and imagination – left in good old-fashioned print advertising, HBO took out a two-page ad in the New York Times and used it to fly a dragon right across the middle to promote the return of Games of Thrones to the TV.

Next Week, The New York Times Has A Tetris Surprise

Congratulations are in order for Kotaku reader Caleb, who wrote a crossword puzzle that the New York Times will be publishing next Thursday, October 25.

This New York Times Flash Game Allows You Shoot At Comments And Advertising

I don’t know if this is some sort of advertising, or just a bizarre comment on video games themselves, but this New York Times article, which is titled ‘Just One More Game…’ actually has a primitive video game embedded within the article which enables players to actually shoot the webpage into oblivion — the comments, the advertising, almost everything.

The New York Times Offers Two Round-Ups, But Doesn't Name A Game Of The Year (Yet)

The end of 2011 brings with it an implicit deadline for those inescapable year-end wrap-ups. Yet, the Paper of Record doesn’t really pony up a traditional countdown-to-the-best list.

For Just $67,000, These Guys Will Make A Custom Video Game About Your Life

Oftentimes it feels as though my life has video game-like qualities. Mind you, it wouldn’t be a very interesting game, but I’d love to see my commute to the burrito shop or my time spent at a desk writing… about video games… rendered into a custom video game. Actually that might be a bit too meta, even for me.

A Candid Look Inside The Minds Behind Dwarf Fortress

In a small two-bedroom apartment a strip mall of a town outside of Seattle, two brothers are hard at work crafting one of the most complex, convoluted and difficult games ever created. Sometimes they code ASCII graphics. Other times they break out the crayons.

The Most Important And Boring Game Ever Made

This is a first. The New York Times has cleverly made a game out of solving the US financial crisis – it’s simultaneously the most important and the most boring game we’ve ever played. And we played through the first 20 hours of Final Fantasy XIII.

Could Apple's Tablet Use Natal-Like Technology?

The most intriguing thing about Apple’s rumoured tablet isn’t its form factor or potential to reinvigorate print media, it’s the one piece of information no one seems to know: How will we interact with it.

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