shadow of the colossus

Shadow Of The Diablo

Shadow of the Diablo: looks like Diablo III owners on PS3 and PS4 will also get some sweet Shadow of the Colossus gear, in addition to having The Last of Us enemies appear in the game too. You can read more about both here.

Compare The Size Of Every Colossus From Shadow Of The Colossus

With artist AndyDaRoo on the pens and NormalColossus on research duty, we now have this striking image showing the scale of every colossus from Team Ico’s classic Shadow of the Colossus.

Homeless Person Selling Shadow Of The Colossus Demo For $1.50

It’s in there with a few other demos for Sony’s beloved PS2 console. I spotted this on my way into the office this morning and gave the homeless person a dollar.

The Best-Selling PSN Game In July Was... A PS2 Classic

Bet you’ll never guess what July’s best-selling PSN game was. Spoilers: Shadow of the Colossus.

The Awesome Giant Monsters Of Japanese Video Games

Godzilla and his atomic breath are one of the most recognisable metaphors for the atomic bombings of WWII — and they’re also icons of Japanese pop culture. With a steady supply of Kaiju movies, giant monsters nestled themselves comfortably in video games, creating a huge library of monster mayhem-based titles. We have selected some of them, both niche and well-known, featuring battles with these towering beasts.

Here's One Colossus You Won't Want To Stab In The Face

While this looks like an expensive statue based on 2004 classic Shadow of the Colossus, it’s a little bit more than that. Well, OK, it does work as a statue, but it’s more practical use is that it’s an external hard drive.

Who Do I Have To Kill To Stop The Shadow Of The Colossus Movie?

Work is progressing on a big-screen adaptation of Fumito Ueda’s rather excellent Shadow Of The Colossus. Am I the only one who hopes that it doesn’t actually get off the ground?

The Shadow Of The Colossus Movie Has A New And Talented Writer

Normally when we learn about the people responsible for writing movies based on video games, there’s a round of muted applause. If we’re lucky. More often than no there are groans.

I Really Wish These Zelda And Ico Movie Posters Were Real

Designed by Kotaku reader Marinko Milosevski, these fake movie posters make me want to watch a film based on Shadow of the Colossus. And Majora’s Mask. And Super Metroid. And Ocarina of Time. And Ico. And Wind Waker.

Reassuring Words From The Last Guardian's Lead Creator

Fumito Ueda, the mind behind such classics as ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, left Sony last year much to the dismay of fans awaiting the release of his latest project, The Last Guardian. Since then, there’s been little news on his involvement with the project as an outside contractor and indeed how production on the game is going.