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Bethesda Says Sony Won't Allow Skyrim Or Fallout 4 Mods On PS4

Earlier this year, Bethesda announced plans to allow mods for Fallout 4 and the upcoming Skyrim remaster on PS4 and Xbox One. It now looks like one of those platforms is ruled out.

Man Finds 'Arrow To The Knee' Joke In Skyrim's Big New Mod, Reacts Appropriately

Video: One of the most ambitious mods in Skyrim history, Enderal, is now out in English. It’s really good! But it makes reference to A Certain Inescapable Meme, A Dragon From Our Collective Past, and there’s only one thing that can be done about that.

Enderal Is More Than A Mod, It's A Whole New Skyrim

Enderal is a Skyrim mod that’s been in development for years. I’ve been playing for hours, and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.

Building A Whole New Game Out Of Skyrim

Way back in 2013, I wrote about a mod called Enderal, a very ambitious attempt at creating an all-new game out of Skyrim’s bones, with a new map, new buildings, new characters, the works. Shockingly, considering the way most of these things usually go, it’s actually finished!

Meet The YouTube Gamers Who Want To Make Your Brain Tingle

The video that led me to Nick, known on YouTube as the ASMRnerd, was “Soft-Spoken ASMR: Elder Scrolls Maps.” I have no idea how I found it — probably late at night in a semi-conscious YouTube trance. “Join me for a relaxing cartographic journey across Tamriel and its provinces,” the description reads. “Triggers include paper sounds, pointing and tracing, and soft-spoken rambling.”

Skyrim Remastered Will Work With Old Mods

Skyrim is getting remastered. It looks very pretty. The best part? It won’t drop a load of dragon doo on the game’s long-running PC modding scene.

What Are The Biggest Mods In Skyrim These Days?

Time flies. Skyrim has been out for nearly five years, giving its mod scene time to grow and change and then change again. It’s a culture unto itself, one that’s weathered identity crises and that whole money fiasco. So, all these years later, where does it stand?

Zombie Suitcase Probably Isn't Making It Past Security

Today on Highlight Reel we have zombie packing, rocket league goals, running, flying rats and nice spikes!

Skyrim Player Says He Went Through Hell Just To Adopt A Virtual Dog

And now, an epic tale of love and dedication only possible through video games.

Mods Keep Skyrim Looking Shit Hot In 2016

iriarsham posted these screenshots over the weekend, to remind us all that despite its advancing years and creaking engine, Skyrim — with help from fans — continues to look absolutely stunning.

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