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Only Fox News Can Save Us From The Tyranny Of Xbox One

Microsoft says the Xbox One won’t need an always-online internet connection. But if you want to play it, the thing must be able to check in with the home office once a day. Playing used or borrowed games also sounds like a real bitch. Only one thing that can save gamers from this: our old enemy, Fox News.

Metro: Last Light: The Kotaku Review

What will the world look like after the bombs fall? Can God exist in a place without hope? When man’s desire to survive overrides his morality, is the empire he constructs worth saving?

Rumour: New Video Shows SimCity's Debug Mode, Allegedly Has Near-Unlimited Offline Play

Well, that didn’t take long. A video recently uploaded by Redditor AzzerUK shows what appears to be the game’s fully unlocked debug mode.

StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm: The Kotaku Review

Near the beginning of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, as the noble pirate Jim Raynor and the psychic-soldier-turned-evil-Zerg-queen-turned-confused-human Sarah Kerrigan are escaping from a squad of invading marines, Kerrigan picks up a gun. “Been a long time,” she says. “Like riding a bike,” Raynor says.

SimCity Gets Twice As Many People In The Game, "Improves Server Response Time By 40x"

Providing a little more detail than was briefly offered yesterday in a series of Twitter engagements, Maxis’ Lucy Bradshaw has written a blog post outlining the progress that continue to be made fixing SimCity’s back-end woes.

It Would Take 'Significant Engineering' To Make SimCity A Singleplayer Game

Overnight (Australian time), Lucy Bradshaw, the general manager of SimCity maker Maxis, took over the studio’s official account to answer questions from gamers who, four days after the game’s release, are still unable to play the thing they purchased. Beforehand, she’s also previewed an answer to the question: Why can’t this game simply be played offline?

The Many Ways We Didn't Get To Play SimCity This Week

Looking back on this week’s SimCity launch debacle, it isn’t just remarkable that the game’s servers failed, it’s remarkable how many different ways they failed.

NFL Punter Kicks The Crap Out Of EA And SimCity

Everybody’s sick of this SimCity disaster. Everybody! Even Chris Kluwe, a punter for the Minnesota Vikings and big gamer, has taken to Twitter to say some… colourful things about SimCity, and about EA’s decision not to let people play the game offline.

SimCity Makers Address Launch Fiasco, Vow To Continue Adding Servers Over The Weekend

The head of the studio behind the troubled new SimCity told Kotaku today that efforts to solve the game’s server woes will continue aggressively into the weekend. The statement, from Maxis general manager Lucy Bradshaw, indicates that some people are in fact playing the game but that EA has a long way to go to get things right:

No, EA Won't Ban You On Origin If You Ask For A Refund For SimCity

A rumour has been spreading lately about how EA might ban users who request for refunds on SimCity. It’s bunk.

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