NFL Punter Kicks The Crap Out Of EA And SimCity

NFL Punter Kicks The Crap Out Of EA And SimCity

Everybody’s sick of this SimCity disaster. Everybody! Even Chris Kluwe, a punter for the Minnesota Vikings and big gamer, has taken to Twitter to say some… colourful things about SimCity, and about EA’s decision not to let people play the game offline.


Gotta love a guy who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.


  • Wasn’t the reason for the always-on DRM the fact that the game is too demanding for regular PC’s and had to be offloaded onto EA’s servers (to do with the individual Sim AI scripting or something)?

    Knowing this and being post Diablo 3 launch, you would think they would be more prepared.

    The reasoning behind it reminds me of GTAIV for PC, a game built on PC’s for PC’s that don’t exist yet…. well except you could play it offline.

    • More likely it’s so EA can introduce microtransactions. Personal computers have been capable of simulating the action of millions of Sims every 4 minutes for years now. If the devs at Maxis couldn’t get it running smoothly, they programmed it wrong… Which would probably explain why the servers are down. Running code in the cloud isn’t going to magically make if faster.

  • I haven’t played the game, but I’ve read a bit about it – is that the actual size of the land you are able to use to build your city?
    Seems…rather small.

  • I was going to buy it but with all the bad press on it, I’ll skip it…considering how much I loved building a city up and all, too bad it had EA stench over it.

  • I thought the main reason they gave for the always online and cloud computing thing was because online multiplayer is the future and we all needed to be a part of it.

    It’s stupid to think that the sole reason this exists in Sim City is to cater for the folks who are using old hardware.

    Anyway, whatever. Won’t be wasting my dollars on what could have been such a great game.

    I think I like this Kluwe guy. At least more people might become aware of the issues because of a player with some celebrity appeal decides to fire up at EA for the mess they have created.

    On ya bro!

  • Show up at your local EA office. Bring some friends with lots of lego. Enter lobby/office have one person sit down and start playing with lego making a “town”. Have friends all line up behind you complaining about wait times. Once three minutes is up, smash town and let another person sit down. Repeat.

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