Australian Sales Charts

townsville.jpgWell, lookey here. A SingStar game is released, and it debuts at #1. STOP THE PRESS! No, really, congratulations SingStar 90s, you are the first SingStar which doesn’t completely suck. Rest of last week’s charts look like business as usual (as in naught but PS2 and Nintendo), aside from one thing. Robin Hood’s Quest. Anybody out there know what the fuck that is, and what it’s doing as the sixth highest-selling game in the country? Answers below, thanks.

1) SingStar 90s
2) Mario Party 8
3) Pokemon Diamond
4) SingStar 90s Bundle
5) Guitar Hero 80s
6) Robin Hood’s Quest
7) SingStar Pop Hits
8) Pokemon Pearl
9) TMNT (DS)
10) Transformers (PS2)

[charts courtesy of GfK]


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