Condense-o-tron: Tuesday Night

The Wrap-o-matic is having a break today. Too much Halo 3 clogging its flux capacitor. In its place is the Condense-o-tron, taking everything good from last night and, uh, condensing it here.

Mass Effect Character Creation
I think the mention of bare-chested ladies will sell at least a million copies of Bioware’s latest RPG.

LucasArts Unleashes The Force On The Wii
Guess who’s handling the port? Australia’s own Krome Studios. Chasing more info as we speak.

Team Fortress 2 Beta Live
If you’re reading this, and the beta isn’t downloading while you do, then you’re doing it wrong.

Justify Your Game: Rez
Ever seen Japanese game developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi squirm? Now’s your chance!

Warmonger Rains Destruction In October
Here’s a phat gallery for this free, downloadable and pretty-looking shooter.


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