Naughty Aussie Sells Copy Of Halo 3 On eBay

halo3pub.jpgSome Australian, whether he’s/she’s a warehouse worker, renegade journalist, Microsoft employee or retail affiliate has got themselves a copy of Halo 3. Which, as you can see from the above photo, they’ve unwrapped and taken photos of…down at the local pub. Then sold on eBay for the tidy sum of AUD$149 (USD$123). Outrageous? Hardly. The game’s out in less than a fortnight, there must be millions of these sitting in boxes, in warehouses, across the planet. This was bound to happen sooner or later. Plus, if the contents of this disc don’t end up online in some way, shape or form I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.
HALO 3 – the real deal. AVAILABLE NOW! PAL [eBay, thanks everyone]


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