Wrap-o-matic: Thursday Night

Kotaku AU appears to be having some problems that are preventing me from uploading galleries. Our SCUBA-equipped technicians are currently submerging themselves in the trouble.

So Far
An utter explosion of Tokyo Game Show coverage, from the new DualShock, to Project Gotham 4, to booth babes… and more.

React Brings Guitars For The Holidays
For some reason, I’ve always liked the square buttons on the Xbox 360 guitar, so I’m not so sure about the rounded ones on these babies.

[email protected] Achieves Petraflop
It can play Ninja Gaiden and cure cancer? No way!

Codemasters Cancels DiRT TV Ads
An unbelievable tragedy… but objectively, who knows what it will do for Codemasters’ bottom line.

BioShock ported to Etch-A-Sketch
Yes, but does it support Direct3D 10?

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