Darkwatch 2 In Development, Gun 2 Cancelled And More…

gun.jpgI’m not completely confident that I should keep posting info from Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars, as we have yet to receive confirmation on any of the rumours posted to the blog.

Until that fateful day when it’s all proven wrong (or right), I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to decide if it makes sense or not. So here’s the latest from Surfer Girl – seven “exclusive” things you probably didn’t know about.

Gems on the list include:

  • Gun 2 is on hold, most likely canned
  • The Getaway for PS3 is due out in late 2008
  • High Moon Studios is developing Darkwatch 2 for Xbox 360 and PS3

    A few more tidbits await you past the click-through.

    EDIT: And a nice bonus feature that just popped in the same blog entry: 18 canceled games you never knew existed unless you worked on them.

    Seven Exclusive Things [Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars]

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