LA Noire Too Big For Xbox 360?

LA Noire Too Big For Xbox 360?

lanoire_delay.jpgTeam Bondi must have at least a few people working in their Ultimo, Sydney office, according to a tip we received over the weekend pointing us to a blog with “exclusive” information on the title. From the post:

* The game will be a free-roaming title with a historically-accurate recreation of Los Angeles in 1947. * Team Bondi has even hired a costume designer to research the clothing of the era so the game’s attire can be accurate. * Aside from main story, side missions will be based on actual cases pulled straight of the newspapers of 1947. * A US Marine plays a big role in the story. * Not so exclusive…but LA Noire definitely ain’t coming to Xbox 360, the size of the game is an obstacle to this.

It’s only a few tidbits, but it’s more than we had before. Of note is that another developer is finding DVDs to be too small.

Exclusive: LA Noire information [Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars, thanks Dallas!]



  • Okay, not exclusive, but not going to 360 because of size…That pretty much eliminates any and all other consoles as well. I guess they are better off just saying PS3 and PC.

  • lol wow that mans this game will be bigger than gta4 because gta4 is on the 360 and this isnt due to size issues

  • Team bondi + Mcnamara are just PS fanboys , hell , mcnamara was working at Sony London ,don’t believe his shit .

    also ..i don’t want any of his crapy games , after Getaway 1 and 2 i can’t trust him …

  • Blue ray is a mistake ?? well from now on we’ll know who made the mistake … Real next gen games need more space , that’s the fact .. face it … SONY LIKE NO OTHER
    PS3 Forever

  • But is this really a problem? If they compress it heavily and goes for loong loadtimes perhaps it would work?? ..i only have the PS3 so it’s not a problem for me, but it seems like it’s not a huge problem! They can downgrade the PS3 version perhaps? ^^

  • Still don’t know much about this game, just hope it’s good. An LA-Noire game made from makers of GTA and getaway?

  • GTAVI is having size problems, BLACKGUNNER. Why do you think it was delayed from fall of this year to first quarter next year? They couldn’t fit it on a disk. And that exclusive downloadable 360 content is stuff they couldn’t fit into the 360 version so they had to make it downloadable and Microsoft slapped down 50 mil to get that exclusive. They can use whatever bullshit they want now. Eventually, 360’s capabilities will be so far behind that developers won’t even be able to dream of making their game work on the 360. PS3 will start getting all the exclusives.

  • Microsoft could have included HD DVD to the 360. But to do it would mean delaying the 360. They had to get all those awesome games to market fast. Games like Gears of War and Halo 3. Wait, those games weren’t release games? Oh, I guess Microsoft could have waited six months for HD DVD to come out afterall.

  • the reason why microsoft did not include the hd dvd in the 360 was because they would not allow them to create games on the format. so microsoft decided against it. plus it brought the price down. so microsoft more than likely will be the death of hd-dvd.

  • The actuall reason GTA4 is delayed is that the PS3 version is so far behind the 360 version that greedy Rockstar want a simultaeniousd release date, therefore they halted the release of the 360 version so that the PS3 could catch up. and anyway, Getaway was tottal sh£te, so i aint that bothered about this tosh to be honest

  • xbox 360 is really like a ball and chain around the ps3s leg dragging it down, the games coming out for both means that the ps3 version is sooo under its potential just so the watery 360 can handle the pace, if that chain was broke then every game the came out for ps3 has the potential to sh1t on every 360 game!! LA NOIRE cant be put on 2 disks, its a free roaming game, youd have change disks every time ya wanted to go across the map… geyyyy!!! PS3 WILL WIN

  • RAZMOSSIS has the right idea, right now games are being made for both consoles because developers havent seen the true next gen potential in PS3. HD is going to be common just like SD has been for so long. No one will wanna play shitty 360 non-HD Halo 3 looking games…you’ll look back to Halo 3 and gears of war in less than a year and laugh when you see what the ps3 has in store. La Noire would fit on maybe 5 of your shitty 360 discs…and you’d have to change everytime you go from one side of the map to a territory on another disc. Games will be downgraded in order to port to 360 soon, live with it.

    PS. When your warranty is up and your 360 dies, you’ll wish you’d have gotten a PS3…360 is terribly built, youll be lucky if it lasts you 3 years…PS3 was built to last over a decade.

  • I never have seen any game including pc games that exceeded the nine gigs dvd has and on top of that microsoft has made known that they have a great compression format for all developers to use and the game won’t see any performance declines because at this point the 360 has not even been pushed to its capacity. thats a fact not a simple fanboy chant. I’m sick of the loyalty people have needlessly just buy what ever system you like the games on. thats the only reason ps2 beat xbox original xbox was superiour in every way but ps2 had the games hence it won the 6th gen. sound familiar?

  • RAZMOSSIS is right
    Some developers make a 360 version of a game because of the large fanbase it has due to launching first. That’s the ONLY reason why PS3 lost some exclusives like DMC4.
    But things will change 🙂

  • LA Noir sounds like the most boring game ever!

    Did anyone play the awful ‘True Crime LA?’ – Half the problem with that was that real-life LA is a god-awful flat and tedius city to drive around. Have a look at some real maps if you don’t believe me.

    Then take it to the 1940’s, where you’ll be driving chuggy antique cars with a top speed of 40mph around a bland undeveloped fraction of what LA is now. And of course there will be harldy any traffic either.

    Then base it on ‘real’ crimes, which just sounds like an pointless anchor on the designers! If my nanna was still alive she might have cared, but can’t see anyone going ‘Ooo real 1940’s crime! – I’m getting it now!’
    So with it all being real we can forget about any over-the-top hollywood style action entertainment sequences. I half expect there to be a bit where you spend hours doing paperwork.

    Bake the above in a dreary desaturated film noir oven, and I think you’ve got the recipe for the most boring sounding game of all time.
    I can almost hear the bland cheesy saxaphone as I spend forever driving slowly from point A to point B and back again.
    Hey, but at least the characters will be wearing an authentic shade of brown. (A colour that really suits the game) Hopefully there will be a watching paint dry mini-game to help spice it up 😉

    Not coming to 360? *wipes away a single tear* Awww, pity that 😉

  • Wait a US Marine in a video game? Holy cow – I’m buying it now! How do they come up with these amazing ideas? ;p

  • I hear everybody running at the mouth but if ps3 had to do multi disc ya’ll would rip sony for that so how does it feel after a whole year of bashing my system just pick your faces up and take it like a man the 360 can’t do massive real HD games because of the format it has, like I said before no movie will ever break blu-ray size but games will and thats why Sony took a chance and included it not to force us to buy a movie player but to future proof the system from THIS problem, Sony does a great job of thinking ahead!

  • first off, ps3 was delayed how many times… thats right 4 times.i wonder why? ohh wait i know first it was the video card overheating in just 2 hrs of play, then the hdd locked up(which xbox was the original hdd user,stolen idea by sony)then the whole dualshock crap then other little problems.the 360 is way more powerful than the gaystation3 and always will be and guess what microsoft doesnt have to make 5 different versions of a console to get it right.we have pro edition, core edition and the elite. sony has really killed itself with this paperweight3. many games wont port to ps3 because it cant proccess fast every one who was dumb enough to spend 500+ on a ps3 goodluck finding something to do, you guyz got nothin.(xb360 has xblive also,hmm ps network doesnt seem to have much goin on, i wonder who’s home).

  • the ps3, reguardless of it’s flaws — major one being $$$. It’s already setup for next gen gaming (hd) and for a blu-ray player its a steal being roughly $100 or more less than set-top boxes.
    M$ has done a really shitty job of putting hd-dvds out there for people… And it’s doing nothing to cut down the prices per disk, players, gaming.

    This is one time I hope a format backed by sony is going to win… Not because I’m anti-m$ but because it’s a much better format… and a hell of alot better idea than those stupid arse umd disks or other formats sony’s been pettling for years!

  • Poor xboys and their xcrapbox.MS really screwed you guys BIGTIME this gen and all you keep doing is defending the damn console.Wake up and stop bending over to get screwed over by those greedy morons.More and more games are showing that they made the wrong choice with dvd and we see already games that will show why.

  • “Of note is that another developer is finding DVDs to be too small.”

    Lol there are triple hd dvds, they have 51 gb off storage. i dont find that small…

  • Bad things have been said here . . . so all i have to say is . . . penis penis penis. ok more seriously though. I’ve been having more fun listening to xbots and the sony defense force here proving points back and forth. Being a ps3 only owner I’ll have to admit I’m having a lot of fun with my ps3 and really I think I have a enough selection in games at the moment to keep me happy enough. Although there is a many titles for 360 i want but way to broke after buying a ps3. Keep entertaining me guys . . .how and bring up haze being a rip off of halo 3. That’s the best one!

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