Upgrade Advice: Video Cards

8800gtf.jpgIf you're looking to give your PC a bit of a jolt in the 3D accelerator department because you can only play Crysis on "Looks like arse" mode, don't buy anything just yet.

NVIDIA's just released the 8800GT, which is essentially a refresh of G80, the main chip that powers the current range of GTX and GTS cards. The new hardware in the 8800GT, dubbed "G92", comes complete with a die shrink to 65nm, which means less heat and faster clocks. In fact, the GPU and RAM run faster than the top-of-the-line GTX.

Early benchmarks show the card coming very close to the performance of the GTX, which is pretty impressive for a refresh. Price-wise, 8800GT cards will be cheaper than the GTS (and about 1/3 the cost of a GTX), making the card even more tempting a purchase. Over in the US, cards are retailing for about $US 200-250.

There's nothing on the Oz market just yet, but give it a few weeks and they should start appearing.

UPDATE: Scratch that, a few eagle-eyed readers have spotted stock in the following places: PLE Aus PC Market

Going rate seems to be $350-400, which reeks of that awesome kind of madness.

NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT: The Only Card That Matters [AnandTech]


    I was literally 1 day away from going and picking up my 8800GTS 320mb card. That would have been a terrible move and I'm now first in line to grab a 8800GT when they hit our shores. It really does feel like that sweet spot which used to be held by the GF4200ti or maybe the ATI 9600XT, only this time, this mid range card is rivaling the top end offerings. Amazing stuff. I love living in the future.

    Cheers for the timely advice.
    I've been looking at getting a new card since Bioshock refused to play nice on my system.

    74 years young and know nil about vid cards.
    My Navidia Ge Force tm 7600GS 3 D PCI Express Graphics card does not cope well will flght sim FX. frequenlty shutting down. What card should I looka getting to solve the problem.

    Any help appreciated


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