Wrap-o-matic: Monday Night

Resident Evil Gets Its Own Haunted House
So, uh, when’s the next flight to Japan?

New Soldier of Fortune Gorefest Looks Much Better
Does gore make for fun? It certainly helps this “budget” title.

Lionhead Developer Diaries, Part III
Doesn’t everyone love a bit of Molyneux in the morning?

Diablo 3 Talk From Blizzard’s Ex
I have trouble taking Roper seriously these days, but talk of Diablo 3 is hard to ignore.

“New Pack” Wii SKU Coming?
Nintendo takes a page from Sony’s book.

Wired Help Prepare You For Portal’s Mindfuck
What, you don’t want to jump into those big dark holes all by yourself? You pansy.

Manhunt 2 Refused Classification In Britain AGAIN
Rockstar: you’re doing it wrong.

Orange Box Gets Firmish Unlock Time
It’s nail-biting stuff folks. Unless you already bite your nails.


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