ZeniMax Online, Looking For More

f3_first_stuff2.jpegEver since ZeniMax opened the doors to their online division, I’ve been keeping a close eye on them. I don’t have to keep my eye too close, however, as not much has been happening. Until now.

GameDaily has a story up covering a few recent personnel changes at various companies, including Turbine’s mysterious CEO swap and, interestingly, some action at ZeniMax Online. According to the story, 14-year industry veteran Lucien Parsons will take up the role of Production Director at the company. If you cruise over to ZO’s website, you’ll notice they’re looking to fill a few more positions. Quite a few, actually.

Do you reckon they’re making Elder Scrolls Online? Doesn’t sound too far-fetched to me. Mind you, it looks like ZeniMax Online is a separate business to Bethesda, so who knows? Alternatively, ZeniMax might be preparing themselves to take over the Fallout MMO, if Interplay bungles the job.

Turbine Gets a New CEO, and New Moves at SCEA, ZeniMax Online & More [GameDaily]


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