Brütal Legend To Feature Headbangers, Squad Combat

brutallegendconcept.jpgIGN AU has a healthy interview with Tim Schafer, discussing Double Fine’s upcoming Full Throttle meets GRAW 2 game, Brütal Legend. Schafer mentions that Jack Black has lent his voice for the main character of Eddie, if you weren’t already aware, and that players will be able order around an army of headbangers to perform a variety of deeds – mainly hitting stuff. From the interview:

Well, it changes per mission, but in the next mission you might have, like, eight headbangers along with you, and you can control them by squad controls on the D-pad, so you press up on the D-pad to tell them to charge ahead, and you press down on the D-pad to get them to stop and defend the territory they’re on.

Oh, Tim, how we love you. Will he bring adventure gaming back to the masses in a new and entirely digestible form? That’s a yes.

Brutal Legend – Tim Schafer AU Interview [IGN AU]


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