I Can Has More Powerlevelling?

wowcat.jpgIt seems there’s a genuine interest in powerlevelling – even if it’s purely theoretical. Or emotional.

The original piece on powerlevelling in World of Warcraft was actually quite large. After reading over the whole thing, I thought it best to break it into two parts, the first of which was posted yesterday. Going by the cliffhanger ending, I actually think that was the intention.

Part 2 will go up next week, so keep your eyes peeled for it. As always, if you think you have a compelling story to tell on anything gaming-related, don’t hesitate to send it in and I can guarantee it’ll be read.

Oh, the artwork for the story was sourced from a press kit from Vivendi, if you were wondering.

Pros And Cons Of WoW Powerlevelling, Part 1 [Kotaku AU]


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