Wrap-o-matic: Over The Weekend

World of Datecraft
Lonely? Play World of Warcraft? A complete loser? Then this site’s for you!

Kotaku Originals: From Cheating Cheaters To a Chicago Closing
A massive selection of original Kotaku content from the last week. In case you somehow manage to miss it all.

360 BioShock Widescreen “Fixed” In Next Update
Great news for Xbox 360 owners… but how about a bit of PC love, Ken?

Whining Works: Uncharted Demo Now Region-Free
Of course, when the US gets something the rest of the world doesn’t, we’re whiners. Funny how it’s never the other way round. Uncharted should work fine for Australian users now, if you’re willing to download another 1.2GB. Someone apparently has never heard of “patching”.


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