Australia: BioShock PC Patch, 360 DLC Tonight At 7:00

bs_faid.jpgWe’ve just been informed by 2K Games that the long awaited patch and extra content for BioShock will be available from 7PM today for Oz Xbox 360 and PC users.

True widescreen, support for Matrox’ TripleHead2Go and various keybind fixes are just some of the improvements gamers can expect. Bonus content includes new plasmids and tonics, as well as a new hardcore mode that deactivates the Vita-Chambers. Completing the game without using Vita-Chambers will grant 360 users a 100-point achievement called “Brass balls”.

I had to raise an eyebrow at this comment though:

And since you guys have been so patient waiting for this patch, we’re giving you all the additional content completely free. Now you can adjust your FOV, rebind your keys, and walk through Rapture in addition to running. And if you really want to be hardcore, you can turn off Vita-Chambers for added difficulty.

There was plan to charge for this stuff? While probably just a poor choice of words by the webmaster, now is not the best time to be putting a foot wrong, considering how long we’ve been waiting for the update.

For PC users, the patch download will be available after 7PM from here:

All the details after the jump.

The Cult of Rapture [Official site]

Sourced from the Cult of Rapture website.

December 3, 2007


– Added the following plasmids and gene tonics: Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom 2, Eve Saver, Machine Buster, Machine – Buster 2, Vending Expert, Vending Expert 2
– Added an Option to disable the Vita-Chambers for added difficulty
– Added support for a walk toggle keybind
– Added Horizontal FOV Lock option
– Fixed mouse acceleration issues
– Fixed reserved keys not functioning properly when keys are unbound
– Fixed multiple cases of keys not allowing a rebind
– Re-added the Human Inferno tonic
– Changed behavior of subtitles so that inappropriate queuing does not occur
– Changed functionality of keybinding lookup to only search in the current input context when finding bindings for in-game display
– Added rendering support for TripleHead2Go
– Atlas VO volume increased for German releases
– Fixed issue of subtitles not clearing correctly occasionally
– Fixed issue causing long hitches or hangs when accessing certain interface screens, machines, and the hacking minigame
– Fix for a potential situation in Recreation where taking a picture of Cobb is impossible if his body gets stuck behind a fallen pillar
– Fixed subtitle timings to more accurately match the on screen audio
– Fixed issue causing stuttering audio when using Windows Vista
– Fixed issue with characters squirming and wiggling after death
– Fixed blood decals and other projectors not showing up on ATI hardware
– The “Enable EAX” option is now greyed out when EAX-capable hardware is not present
– Fixed audio issues stemming from having a Speaker Setting in Windows that was invalid for the current sound card
– Removed erroneous “Reload” binding in a no-weapons context
– Fixed incorrect Training Message concerning bots who are friendly to enemy AIs
– Fixed incorrect Training Message when shooting a Mimic
– Fixed refresh rate being locked at 60hz in DX10 mode
– Fixed VSync disabling in DX10 mode


– Added widescreen option: Horizontal FOV
– Fix for rare case where a partial cache is not cleared
– Increased Atlas’ volume in German
– Fix for GUI sounds not playing during heavy action
– Fix for not being able to take picture of Cobb in Rec
– Possible fix for pauses or hangs when opening flash bink movies
– Fix for switching difficulty breaking achievement
– Fix for small texture streaming bug
– Fix for rare hang when a lot of things are going on at once


– Added Disable Vita Chamber option
– Plasmid Pack is included in this DLC (Machine Buster 1 & 2, Vending Expert 1 & 2, Sonic Boom 1 & 2, EVE Saver)
– 100 point achievement for beating game without Vita Chamber called “Brass Balls”
How to do it:
Must beat game on Hard
Must not use a Vita Chamber (you can always roll back to an earlier save)
The Vita Chamber Disabled option can be on or off as long as you don’t resurrect


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