Who Wants A BioShock 2 Xbox 360 DLC Code?

We've got some download codes for the recently released Protector Trials DLC for BioShock 2. If you'd like to play Little Sister Defence, here's how.

For singleplayers only, the Protector Trials add six new maps based on defending your Little Sister while she collects ADAM from splicer corpses. The trials ramp up in difficulty and challenge you to complete them using only certain weapon and plasmid load-outs.

To win one of the five DLC codes we're giving away today, you'll want to check this post and the Kotaku Australia facebook page throughout the day. When you see a code, hit up Xbox Live and select the option to "Redeem Code". If you're the first person to enter the code, the DLC will be yours.

Good luck!

Code #1: MWRD9-FX2MC-8BRTH-4BG6G-VFB6D Code #2: QW93P-QJKHX-VMXGQ-T4YTF-3F8GG Code #3 was posted on facebook Code #4: RGWD3-BYMCP-XQB22-VRMJD-M9RTM Code #5 was posted on facebook


    And note to the PC players, afaik, the Xbox codes don't count as GFWL codes.

      That particular piece of DLC isn't even available to PC players yet either.

        From the bioshock wikia
        "The Protector Trials will be offered on XBL and GFWL for 400 MS Points and on PSN for $4.99, and will be available on August 3rd"

        Looks like they've been out for more than a week.

        I have yet to bother buying any of the DLCs/Redeeming my pre-order characters due to a fail on my initial gamertag.

    Too Slow

    Thanks for the code! Will enjoy this much.

    Good luck to the rest. :>

    This is the type of code give-away that results in a massive loss of productivity..... thanks K.

    My poor F5 key..

    Woot, got code 5, thanks David :D

    Only problem is I can't download until after midnight, lest I wish to end up with my internet capped a week early.

    Well, looks like I got only 11 hours of sitting on this code to go :)

    I got code 4 but it did involved missing going to the gym at lunch. Everything has a price.

    Muchas Gracias Kotaku!

    maybe i should buy Bioshock 2... and 1 for that matter.. lol... good luck everyone with the remainder of the codes

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