Death Of A Games Mag (Well, Mags)

gravestone.jpgOver at there's a list of the the "top" ten flops in game mag publishing.

I can't say I've heard of any of the mags they mention (Ziff Davis wanted to charge $US 695 for games industry newsletter? In 2004? I'll have what its smoking, thanks) but that doesn't stop it from being an interesting read. Heck, some only lasted a single issue!

Australia's had its fair share of game mag flops - the Oz version of Edge and Nintendo Gamer, just to name two. It's crazy to think publishers are still trying to launch magazines when it's quite obvious the Internet is the future of media.

Good on them for trying though - but I just can't see how you could make money in such an endeavour.

Feature: Gaming Mag Graveyard! Ten Mags that Died Fast []


    Does anyone know off the top of their heads which publishing company did the australian edge?

    @vic: That would be Derwent Howard. It also does Official Xbox and Playstation, among others.

    I still read atomic! And retro gamer. I reckon magazines still have their place. The articles can be more in depth.. and they dont need a power supply ;)

    yeah, i've always been a big atomic fan. My dream job is to be working over there... rather than at a homewares magazine lol!

    ATOMIC and HYPER are the only gaming mags I get.

    @Mentoes: Same here. Its kind of due to the fact, in hyper's case anyway, that because I've been reading it for so long now I'm cynical about everyone elses reviews.

    Yeah, sure, theres been some I would say "I'd give that a little lower/higher" but generally they're spot on with how I feel about a game.

    Atomic I get every time I feel like buying a new pc but I never do. Hah!

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