Ex-Auran Dev Auctions Redundancy Mementos

fury_auction1.JPGThe fallout from Brisbane game developer Auran’s recent collapse will continue to drift in the wind like nuclear ash for months. What stories we’ll hear, positive and negative, are yet to be told. I honestly thought it’d be in the opening weeks of 2008 we’d hear the first of the tales.

But, it’s been barely four days since the company went under and the first thing to come out is an eBay auction. Two almost pristine copies of Fury, taken from the Brisbane warehouse before everyone was kicked out, are up for grabs. According to the seller (who says they’re ex-Auran), the boxes are the last two ever made.

Anyway, the current bid is $26, and if the deal needs to be sweetened, a Fury mouse mat is included.

If you’re curious, there’s a Q&A up on the page:

Q: You sure that you don’t want to pay me to take them off your hands?
A: As tempting as that is, I am going to try and make a few dollars so that I may make it through Christmas.

Q: If you guys were willing, and not tempted to completely destroy said boxes would the developers sign both boxes for the winning bidder?
A: Most of the developers have been sacked and I unfortunately wouldn’t be able to track them all down.

Q: Can you provide a dirt sample from the werehouse [sic]and/or imprint of said ‘Redundant Dev’s’ shoe? For the Authenticity of course.
A: I have added an additional photo where the foot made contact with the box.

Kicked by a real live Auran dev? I’d put a bid down, but I’ve already spent my Christmas cash on, well, fun stuff.

Here’s a photo of the kicked box:

Unleash the Fury (Last two boxes made) [eBay, via Sumea]


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