Recommend Your Favourite STALKER Mods

Recommend Your Favourite STALKER Mods

stalker.jpgI’ve been looking to get back into STALKER, now that the game has several patches under its belt and the performance of the Direct3D 9 engine is up-to-scratch. Not that I’m so concerned about this last part any more, having recently upgraded my gaming machine with a Intel Q6600 and GeForce 8800 GT.


I’d like to put together a short-list of recommended mods that everyone should play with, whether they alter weapons, quests, NPCs or even entire sections of the game. Personally, I’d like to focus on those that improve the game by adding more depth, fix bugs and flesh out incomplete features, rather than add a man portable missile launcher that fires near-critical, poorly designed RBMK reactors in every direction. No cheats, basically.

So, readers, I implore you to post your favourite STALKER mods. I’ll install them, give them a play through, and do a write-up on what I think is the best combination. If you’ve already done something similar to this, I encourage you to post your thoughts.


  • Excellent idea. Finished it a month ago myself, and the game was DEFIANTLY worth the wait. I knew there was a large mod scene, and it will be great to see what you find works, so then I can go back and play through again without it being stock the same : D

  • If only Stalker and Gears of War for PC would see some discounts in the new year sales … I love it how EBgames has massive discount signs everywhere … and when you get inside the only actual discounts are on PS2 games. Suck.

  • First thing is to get Stalker Mod Manager, a lot of mod don’t have zip structured correctly to work with the mod manager, but you can work around that. I found ti the best was to keep a track of the mods you have running, and an easy way to revert back to vanilla Stalker for online play.

    Annoying audio fix by mtang is good, to fix some of the repetitive dialog in the game.

    Real gun names by kyodan is nice, changes the names of the gun’s in game to their real life counterparts. Aesthetics really.

    Now these next ones, although they change the game dynamics, I still used them and can justify each one.

    Torch mod 26ft by badmagic. Really, the standard torch is next to useless for what you want it for, seeing things about to attack you. Extending it out to 26ft is no overboard, and is perfectly believable for a torch.

    Repair mod by Shebuka. This adds a line of selectable dialog to the traders which allows you to repair your damaged equipment. Fair enough since there is no way to actually repair your deteriorating gear in game. The English dialog added was a bit out, so I did adjust it a bit by myself.

    Endurance mod by gullgotha. Now this does kinda break the limits placed on the game by increasing your carrying limit from 50, to 150. But if you are anything like me and try to collect everything you find in the game either to horde, or sell off, this mod is a godsend. If you like to carry a good amount of ammo and med-kits for your sorties into the wild, you will quickly be using up all of your carrying space, and end up constantly making trips back and forth to the trader. I only started using this mod about half-way through the game, and it was really worth it. Play without it for a while, and you will understand how much more enjoyable your Stalker experience is with it. Constant loot runs are not enjoyable.

    The final mod, Trader Mod by balnazzar, increases the number of weapons and items the trader’s sell. It doesn’t add crazy, over-the-top weaponry, just a few rares and more of the regular stuff. It’s up to you whether to install this one though, as it will discourage you from searching everywhere to find the best gear possible, since you will be able to buy some pretty good stuff from the traders now.

    Thats all, I’m sure there are plenty of other mods out there that add in some nice content, but I just stuck with these ones. I feel they add to the game, without destroying it’s challenge.

  • carrying limits was a pretty harsh design choice, esp. given the inflexibility and difficulty in managing the inventory (needed waaaay better interface) .. but i pulled through and if you can score yourself the mechanised armor it greatly increases what you can.

    about 7/8ths into the game, of course 😉

    assuming you would’ve seen this, but just in case..

    the oblivionlost forum maintains a list of stalker mods at:

    i don’t use any except float32, but i gather the ABC mod is popular.

  • I played the game once with the endurance mod, then once without. I think the first time round with the endurance mod is good as you can be a packrat and take everything without having to run back to a trader every couple minutes.

    Second time round is better without the endurance mod as you have to play the game strategically as you can’t carry too much. Adds some excitement if you have to search bodies during a fight for more ammo or take their guns.

    The fallout tactics flashlight mod is pretty good. Instead of the horribly bright and white one in the game, it dims it down gives it a yellow tinge. Adds greatly to the atmosphere of the game. I disagree with the 26ft mod as it takes away from the spooky atmosphere of the game.

    The 10 day mission mod is good for the missions that pop up on you, especially if you’re already working on one. Instead of having only one day to complete a mission, you have 10. Unrealistic I suppose for the Protect and Defend missions.

    The 5x increased knife damage mod is good as there’s nothing more annoying than sneaking up on a bandit then having your knife attack only wound him. I altered it to 2x though as it was too effective on monsters face to face.

    For more asthetics, there’s a weather mod that improves the look of rain and lightning as well as improve the sound of thunder. There’s a good realistic gun sound mod too that also altered the sound of footsteps of different enemies and the Geiger counter but if made my game crash at the duty base.

    There’s a good night sky mod to that changes all the night skies. You see real stars and they rotate with the time of day.

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