Recommend Your Favourite STALKER Mods

stalker.jpgI’ve been looking to get back into STALKER, now that the game has several patches under its belt and the performance of the Direct3D 9 engine is up-to-scratch. Not that I’m so concerned about this last part any more, having recently upgraded my gaming machine with a Intel Q6600 and GeForce 8800 GT.


I’d like to put together a short-list of recommended mods that everyone should play with, whether they alter weapons, quests, NPCs or even entire sections of the game. Personally, I’d like to focus on those that improve the game by adding more depth, fix bugs and flesh out incomplete features, rather than add a man portable missile launcher that fires near-critical, poorly designed RBMK reactors in every direction. No cheats, basically.

So, readers, I implore you to post your favourite STALKER mods. I’ll install them, give them a play through, and do a write-up on what I think is the best combination. If you’ve already done something similar to this, I encourage you to post your thoughts.


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