Game On Exhibit Will Hit Melbourne In March

Game On Exhibit Will Hit Melbourne In March

gameon_cut.jpgEver wanted to check out the most ancient consoles the electronic entertainment industry has to offer? Or perhaps peruse some original artwork by Mario man Shigeru Miyamoto?

Looks like the Australian Centre for Moving Images read your mind. Or, more likely, it’s a coincidence.

The dates you’ll want to ink in your unicorn journal are March 6 to July 13. That’s about 18 weeks of retro gaming paradise. Tickets will set you back $15, or $10 for concession. Families of two adults and two children can cheat the system by purchasing a special $44 ticket. Alternatively, you could keep an eye out for a very special ticket giveaway, coming to a gaming blog* near you.


The only downer? It’s in Melbourne. For all you Mexicans out there, I know you’re wondering why you should care, but as a Sydneysider I have the right to cry like a big sissy.

Just try and stop me.

Game On [ACMI]


  • Logan you realize calling us “Mexicans” means that you are referring to yourself as “American”. I know which I’d rather be.

  • As a Queenslander I believe you have it wrong Logan, you’re the Mexican 😛 Victorians are, I dunno, Brazilian or something.

    But anyway, yeah it’s a shame it’s only on down there, it’d be great to have something like that up here in Brissie.

  • Awesome, thanks for this piece of news. It’s great to actually be able to go to something for once. Like sometimes when I see something in Australian dollars I still think ‘I wonder how much that is in australian dollars’. It’s great to have some local news. and hey, I may just check this out.

  • I have been in love with the ACMI ever since they did their “Season of Harvey Birdman” a few years back.

    To hell with the huge losses the place constantly make by being unique and showing great things.

  • I can’t wait I’m definitely going, this looks like its going to be fantastic. Finally Melbourne gets a REAL cultural event. 😉

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