Listen To My Sexy Voice on ABC Radio Tomorrow

old_radio.jpgOkay. It's not that sexy.

True, I sometimes force my voice to drop a few octaves for the ladies, but I usually end up coughing in their faces or spilling my apple martini on their shirts. Which is definitely not sexy.

But we won't be talking about any of that. The main topic of conversation will be the review of an R18+ rating for video games and its opposers - though I'm sure we'll cover other bits and pieces.

If you'd like to hear the irresistible timbre of vocals, tune in to 774 ABC Melbourne around 3:30PM AEDT. For those unable to pick up the station on their electronic frequency catcher, you can stream it from the ABC Radio Melbourne website.


    Go Logan!

    I'f I can be bear a radio or computer... I'm there. You have my full support in this!

    ...(I'm assuming you're FOR the R rating.)

    i'd like to hear this, but i'll be at uni. If you could record this and post it on the site later i'm sure a lot of people would like to listen.

    Get your sexy voice on Logan, it's 3.25! :P

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